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The name of the organisation shall be known as “Simply Upholstery/Soft Furnishing” referred to hereafter as “the Group”.


To offer an educational resource for learning and developing skills required in upholstery and soft furnishing projects, this being achieved by the employment of a qualified Tutor.

To encourage members to be creative and work on challenging projects that will increase self esteem, self worth and confidence.

To provide a forum for social interaction, friendship, enjoyment and personal achievement.


Membership is open to all individuals regardless of their age, race, mobilitity, economic or social circumstances.

Requests for membership will be administered by the Chair of the Committee.

Details of new members will be recorded on a register by the Organiser of the Committee and will be kept private and only made available for any Health and Safety issues.

Complaints are to be made to any Committee member.


All strategic decisions concerning the Group shall be undertaken by a Management Committee consisting of up to 5 members who will be elected under the following procedure:

Prior to the Annual General Meeting, all current members of the Group will be circulated with a form asking for an endorsed nomination from within the Group for one of five positions. If more than 5 nominations are received, then an election will take place. A list of returned nominations shall be circulated to all members. From this list, members will cast their vote for up to 5 members in order of preference. The result of the election will be notified to all members.

Members so elected will take up office from the date of the next Annual General Meeting, to serve until the following Annual General Meeting.

There shall be elected at the Annual General Meeting an Honorary Treasurer, who shall be an EX Officio member of the Management Committee who shall act in a non voting advisory capacity.

Honorary Officers

 Chair of the Management Committee
 Secretary of the Management Committee
 Organiser of the Management Committee
 Assistant Organiser of the Management Committee


Annual General Meeting. To meet in September. To elect officers, receive the Annual Audited Accounts, hear reports from the Officers, and attend to any other matters put before it in the interests of the Group. Open to all members of the Group.

General Meeting. To meet three times each year, AGM included, to receive reports from the Management Committee, and to report on the general running of the Group.

Management Committee. Comprising up to 5 elected members and the Hon. Treasurer. To meet every 5 to 6 weeks (aprox) to receive reports from the Hon. Treasurer, and to be responsible for all strategic decisions, including the formulation of rules and regulations concerning the running of the Group.

Complaints Hearing Sub-Committee. Consisting of at least 2 members of the Management Committee. To meet when a complaint has been brought to the attention of the Management Committee, in order to give the Group or group member opportunity to answer complaints made against them.

Extraordinary General Meeting. May be called by not less than 3 members specifying the purpose of the meeting. No motion may be carried unless it is supported by at least two thirds of those present, when it may be acted upon immediately.

Quorum. The quorum for business for the Management Committee shall be 50% of its membership. In the absence of a quorum, the Honorary Officers may act, subsequently reporting their actions to the next quorate meeting.

Voting. To be by a show of hands. In the event of a tied vote, the Chairperson to use a second vote.


The books of account shall be retained by the Treasurer.

The Honorary Treasurer, on behalf of the Management Committee, shall be responsible for:

 Preparation of an Annual Budget covering Income and Expenditure of the Group.
 Preparation and presentation of quarterly management accounts and other financial matters.
 Ensuring that appropriate financial procedures are adopted for the Group, including from time to time the monitoring of all or any financial records.
 Preparing and submitting funding applications.
 Arranging for the Annual Audit.

The financial year shall be 1st April – 31st March. Audited Accounts shall be presented to the Management Committee.

Bank Accounts shall be opened in the name of “Simply Upholstery/Soft Furnishing” the signatories of such accounts being any two of the Secretary, Chair, Organiser or the Treasurer.

No member or officer shall derive any financial benefit from the Group.


Changes to the Constitution. Any changes to this constitution may only be made at the Annual General Meeting or an Extraordinary General Meeting giving 21 days clear notice of such intention.

Suspension of Management Committee Member(s). The acceptance of the post of Management Committee member is deemed to indicate an acceptance of the need for confidentiality where applicable. Management Committee members who are seen to be acting in any way which contravenes the aims and objectives of the Group, e.g. by being negligent, abusive, racist, destructive towards any member or are considered to have acted in an indiscreet or inappropriate manner may be suspended with immediate effect, if agreed by a minimum majority of 2 votes on a resolution proposed at a Management Committee meeting. However, in extreme circumstances, the Chair can make the decision for immediate suspension at any time of any member who has acted in any of the above mentioned ways.

Disqualification of Management Committee Member(s). Any member shall automatically cease to be a member of the Management Committee if they cease to be a member of the Group.

Any member who is absent from three consecutive Management Committee meetings without having their apologies accepted will cease to be a member of the Management Committee, and will be so notified.

Dissolution. The Group may be dissolved by resolution to be notified to a General Meeting of the Group convened for that purpose. The Management Committee to be responsible for the winding up of the affairs of the Group, disposal of any assets remaining after all debts and obligations of the Group have been met. Any remaining assets shall be given to a local voluntary organisation with similar aims and objectives.

Indemnity. Without prejudice to any right to indemnity by law or otherwise given every Officer of the Management Committee appointed by a General Meeting or other meeting of the Group, who is officially engaged on the business of the Group will be entitled to be indemnified out of the assets of the Group in respect of all liabilities incurred by them in or about the execution or purported execution of their respective duties or any powers, authorities or discretions vested in them, liabilities and expenses consequent on any mistake, oversight, error of judgement, forgetfulness or want of prudence on the part of such persons and against all actions, proceedings, costs, claims and damages in the respect of any matters or things done or omitted in any way relating to such duties.

June 2007